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More stunts
• Your head must not be allowed to tilt backward during the stunt.
• Your back should remain upright while pulling the extended leg and throughout the stunt.
• Depending on your flexibility, your extended leg may be held with one or both hands.
• Your pelvis must not be allowed to roll or rotate as the back leg is placed in position.
• Your supporting leg should be kept locked throughout the stunt.
GOOD LUCK!!!! Keep practicing your scorpion at home, don't give up! You will get it if you keep practicing it!

1) Keep your body straight. Everything is verticle up and down. Your shoulders or hips should not be in front or behind the rest of your body.
2) Keep your hips even. One hip should not be hire up than the other. They should maintain a constant even level.
3) Make yourself as tall as possible. Think like you have a rope attached to the top of your head and someone is pulling you up by it. Pull up in that direction with your whole upper body
*Make sure that you really push off your bases. Remember your not trying to make things harder for them you are trying to help them out. So if you really push off, it will be easy for your bases to get you up without struggling.
* The most important thing is try not to balance yourself. Let your bases take care of that, they should be giving you a really good base so that you don't have to try to balance.
* When you are on top try to keep everything aligned. Making sure that you shrug up through you're shoulders, and hollow out that stomach. But make sure that you don't drop your hips. Keep that leg that is up not to high.
* keep tight, that's all you got to do and let the bases do there work