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Cheerleading Down Under     
                                        TEAM =    T~ TOGETHER
                                            E~ EVERYONE
                                            A~ ACHIEVES
                                            M~ MORE
Ideas on building a tigher team
Have a summer party, bring a gift that the whole team can use, some serious and some as crazy as you want, each one of you has to explain the gift you brought, like a mascot, a poem that can inspire for the season, silly string so you show them you have a sense of humor, things like that... while at the party create a chant to say at the end of everything before you leave, and one for when you begin everything before you rely on each other. These should be new every year so that everyone has a say in them!!!!

Have a Secret Cheer Pal , put all the names of your squad in a container and then each cheerleader draws a name, don't let any one know who you have. Then at the next event you bring that person a small item candy, gift, cookies, glitter, hair stuff, anything you want, but a letter must be with it to tell that person what is good about them, and all of the stuff is dropped off in like a box so you remain a Secret Pal and do this once a week or once a month what ever your team decides on..

At the end of each practice sit in a circle for the last 5 minutes of practice and discuss the bad things first and then end with everyone making one or more good comments about the team or a cheerleader or the coach

Tape on pin a large piece of paper on the back of each cheerleader, and everyone goes around and writes only good things that they know about this person. then everyone sits in a circle and one by one reads the paper that was on their back!!

Come to an Event early and do your make-up and touch up on hair and uniforms together, if you all work together on the small things like make-up and hair you will surely work even better together on the floor or field as a team!!!!

Have a Pre game/ practice Spirit Party after school make poster, banners for each other and for the players and for the whole team!!!! You can hang them at the games or around the school or the gym where you practice!!

Complements and hugs will make your squad members smile!!! You have to show everyone that you care, NO negatives just encouragement. All must remember, that no one is perfect and sometimes you have a Bad day!!! Hugs, Help the bad day go away!!!

At the first few practices make them fun practices, to get to know each other, play games, dance to the latest hits, have sing-a-longs, have fun & get the bonding to begin. Match an old member with a new member, share stories, talk about camp, let the cheerleaders do must of the talking so they can get to know each other.