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Cheerleading Down Under      
"The only humans that can fly are cheerleaders"
Cradle Catches

Pointers on Cradles
   Starting from an elevator (extension prep) use a count so that everyone moves at the same time. The third base calls: "Ready - 1 - 2- down - up - catch - and - out".
   The flyer can do arm movements in a number of different ways.
   1. They can start in a High V and on the pop reach arms up to a touchdown in blades.
   2. They can start in a High V and on the pop bring arms down to the legs in front.
   In the air the body should stay straight or in a slight arch. Feet should be pointed and stay down until right before the catch.
   Upon landing in the cradle, the flyer's arm should hit a T motion. This will allow the third base to scoop and hold higher.
   The bases should dip together on the down and pop up on the up. After they catch they should stop the flyer at chest height and bend the knees to cushion the catch.
   Be sure the bases do not lean forward as they catch.
   They should not let the flyer's bottom go lower than their waist. The third base holds ankles of the flyer and throws from the ankle on up. As the third base throws she should reach up, hands in blades until the flyer comes down scooping the flyer into her chest. Be sure she does not hit the flyer in the face with her hands as the flyer comes down.
   All the bases should watch the flyer at all times in case she starts to fall or lean in one direction.

The fourth base holds the front wrist of the bases. They can help even out a bad pop as the bases dip and throw. The fourth base catches the feet at the ankles on the cradle. She should turn and hit the out positions.